G2 CRUX ArkNeo

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The Ark Neo was designed for our customers who demand a hard use, multi-caliber, extreme duty rated suppressor. It’s rated from 17 HMR up to anything 30 caliber diameter. And is constructed from all Titanium.

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Ark Neo Dimensions:
Length: 7.5"
Length added: 5.5"
Outside Dia: 1.5"
Weight: 12 oz
Sound Reduction: 34 - 40 dB

Rifle Platform / Barrel Length
308 Win / 7"
300 Win Mag / 12"
7.62 x 39 / 7"
5.56 / 5"
Full Auto/Rapid Fire w/ PMS Brake

The Benefits
Self Locking: Taking active rotational force to rotate it will not come loose or shoot off like others
No Teeth to Wear Out
No Mechanisms to Activate
Under Firearm Rail Compatible
Metal to Metal Aerospace Seal
Conical Locating Feature: Perfect Accuracy Mount

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